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When you join the Cable, you support a new kind of newspaper for Bristol.

We are 100% owned by thousands of local people. We produce quality local journalism in print and online, free to access for all.

Together, we hold power accountable through groundbreaking investigations, we campaign for change, and we amplify marginalised voices. We are rooted in local communities, but part of a global movement to reinvent local media.

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    Our journalism focuses on stories that matter: Stories which aren’t covered enough. Things which need to be changed.

    Through our investigative and in-depth reporting, we show what’s really going on in Bristol. Our journalism has helped change policies, sparked lawsuits and informed campaigns.

    The Cable is the winner of the 2019 British Journalism Award for local journalism and has been shortlisted for an Orwell Foundation Prize 2020.

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    The Cable is Bristol’s only newspaper whose independence is guaranteed by members. There are no majority shareholders or commercial investors, and we do not accept corporate advertising.

    Now more than 2,600 local people directly fund and own a stake in the Cable.

    By becoming a member, you support our journalism to be free to access for all. You also join our cooperative, meaning you can help inform our journalism and decide what we do.

  • Rooted in communities

    Journalism is better when it’s informed by the people it’s about. Since our journalism is about Bristol, we’re constantly talking, listening, and collaborating with local people.

    We’re also working to change the media for good. Over the last five years we’ve supported dozens of people with in-depth training to create pathways for more people to get into journalism.