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Why join?

The Bristol Cable is a grassroots community-led media cooperative in Bristol.

We exist to inform and empower our readers, members, and communities across Bristol, by creating independent, challenging local media, rooted in the city and in the public interest.

  • Run by you

    We're a community cooperative, which means we all decide how it's run.

    Our one member, one vote policy means all members have an equal say on decisions.

    No barons, no billionaires. Just 2,000 (and counting!) Bristolians.

  • Created by you

    As members we can all contribute to the Cable's journalism.

    At our monthly members' meetings we discuss the issues affecting our communities. Drawing on your experience and expertise, we can cover the stories that no one else is talking about.

  • Made free by you

    By putting our money together we're able to print and distribute our paper for free across Bristol.

    It's packed with investigative journalism and in-depth articles about issues that matter in Bristol.

    Made free to access by members, because we believe journalism is a public good everyone should have access to.