Vote for our next campaign

Bristol Cable members voted on what we should campaign for in 2019. From the two options crowd-sourced from members, they chose cleaner air for Bristol.

The results

Campaign 1:
Safer drug use
186 votes
Campaign 2:
Cleaner air
393 votes

What's next

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Why did we do this?

We believe that journalism is more than information. It’s about empowering people with the knowledge to push for positive change through creative and dogged reporting.

We’re 100% owned by our 2,000+ members on a democratic basis, who can get stuck into working out how we should campaign and on what issues.

Following successful campaigns on transparency around affordable housing mass police surveillance, and the council’s use of bailiffs, we turned to members to help shape what we did next.

In September 2018, members grappled with the risks and challenges of campaigning journalism, discussed what makes a good campaign and came up with a few options. In January 2019, they voted to decide which campaign to take forwards.

The campaigns